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TRT Client and Student

Client and Student Services

We are committed to establishing a strong relationship with our clients and students. We want our clients and students to have a smooth transaction and a pleasant experience with us. Hence, we provide the following dedicated services for your use.

Our Client & Student Services

Examination Updates

GP and IP English tuition

Received your exam papers back recently? Send us a copy of your papers for a review or consultation*!

Payment Notifications

General Paper and IP English Tuition fees

Made payment for your tuition fees? Submit a payment notification and our team will work to verify it for you. 

TRT Referral Rewards

General Paper and IP English tuition referral

Share your learning experience at The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre and earn over $100 in cash for each referral**!

*Review of exam papers
The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre will review the exam papers as we deem beneficial for our students, but does not guarantee complete individual reviews and consultations. We may sort and sieve through important topics and questions for discussions during class time. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and sensitive personal data such as name and grades will not be shared without your consent.

**Claiming your referral reward
If you have recently referred a friend and he/ she has attended a trial lesson, do submit your claim and our team will work to verify his/ her official registration. If eligible, you will be notified to collect your cash reward at our Centre’s reception or the reward may be disbursed to you via any payment mode we deem feasible.