Our Publications

The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre produces the highest quality notes that are easily understood by students of any calibre. Our students’ learning experience is enhanced by the notes that they read. Our dedicated in-house research team curates relevant content from a gamut of reputable journalistic entities so that students like yourself can learn more effectively. Thus, our students can achieve stellar results. Have a look at the essays that our GP and IP English tuition students receive.

Our Essay Writings

GP tuition for JC students

‘A’ Level General Paper

Our General Paper (GP) essays are written in-house for our JC GP tuition programme students. Incorporated within each content-rich writing are quality examples compiled from an array of highly regarded journals and articles. Our students are able to perceive each topic with both global and local perspectives. Therefore, enabling them to tackle challenging topics with ease.

Integrated Programme English tuition

Integrated Programme English

Our Integrated Programme (IP) English essays are written in-house for our IP English tuition programme students. Coupled with ample content knowledge curated by our dedicated research team, our notes are ensured of the highest quality. Hence, our students are confident in their exams.