Our Tuition Programmes

The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre offers two curriculum tracks – ‘A’ Level General Paper and the Integrated Programme (IP) English. Taught by well sought-after educator, Mr Edwin Wong. Our GP and IP English tuition cement strong linguistic foundations, thus helping students achieve their academic goals.

GP tuition for JC students

‘A’ Level General Paper

The General Paper requires the JC and IP Year 5-6 students to have a great understanding of current affairs. Not forgetting the critical thinking skills to interpret them as well. Our students are trained in Linguistic Skills (the scientific study of language) with a strong command of English. Thus, they are able to confidently ace their General Paper examinations.

Integrated Programme English tuition

Integrated Programme English

Our IP English tuition programme students are able to appreciate the English language. We also cement strong linguistic foundations right from the start. Additionally, they stand to benefit greatly from our adaptive and progressive teaching pedagogy. Thus, as they advance up the academic ladder, they are prepared to tackle the final General Paper.