Our Success Stories

Hear what our students from our General Paper Tuition (GP) and Integrated Programme (IP) English tuition have to say about our GP Tuition and IP English Tuition programmes. We are glad that we have made a positive impact in their lives, and we hope to empower more students like you.

Not just the students, but parents have been talking about us too. We believe that parental support is vital to a child’s learning. They have trusted us to help them and we delivered on our promise.

JC General Paper

Watch how we have empowered our GP students to achieve their academic goals and laid strong foundations for them to excel in their tertiary education. 

IP English

Our IP English tuition programme prepares our IP students for the final ‘A’ Level General Paper by cementing a strong foundation of linguistic prowess. 


The Rationale Thinking Learning Centre tuition

Trusted by both parents and students. We inspire and empower our students to excel, giving our parents that peace of mind. Hear what our parents have been saying about us.